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Morgan Hendrix

"As a 6'3" woman with an anything-but-quiet personality, the theme of my life has always been to embrace what makes you different. When naming this business, there was really only one option."

Owner and lead strategist, Morgan Hendrix, brings a wealth of experience in brand development, event production, and marketing strategy with over 9 years of experience. Morgan lives in Austin, Texas with her fiance, Zack, and their 5-year-old rescue pit bull-lab mix, Kikko.

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Morgan Hendrix, the Founder and Lead Strategist at Loud Tall Marketing & Events, boasts a rich portfolio with over 9 years of experience spanning brand development, event production, and strategic marketing.

Before the unforeseen turn of events in 2020, Morgan helmed the role of Marketing & Events Manager at Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas in Austin, Texas for four successful years. She managed the six Alamo Drafthouse Austin locations, inclusive of the company's flagship at South Lamar, for all marketing and event responsibilities. Her varied portfolio encompassed producing and promoting on-site events and film marketing campaigns, managing all social media channels and communities, covering online customer service, engaging with press and PR, building brand and charity partnerships, creating eclectic customer experiences, and representing the brand as a media spokesperson, among other responsibilities.

The pandemic layoffs of 2020 led Morgan to explore dynamic roles in startups like Farmhouse Delivery as a Brand Manager, and tech-industry giants like Google Fiber, where she excelled as a Customer Acquisition Manager, and Favor Delivery, where she demonstrated her prowess as a Brand & Content Strategist.

In 2022, Morgan married her love for data-driven marketing campaigns and interactive event experiences into Loud Tall Marketing & Events. This new chapter marked her foray into providing tailored marketing and event solutions to businesses across a wide array of industries.

Since its inception, Loud Tall Marketing & Events has worked with prominent clients such as Penske Media Corporation, Made In Cookware, Le Petite Fete, The Directors of Chaos, Fantastic Fest, and Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas. We eagerly look forward to extending our innovative and effective services to your business, and adding your name to our growing list of successful collaborations.

"Morgan is the queen of taking initiative and making things happen. She jumps into her work fully and is not afraid to ask hard questions or challenge the status quo. With the mind of a brand strategist, the heart and listening skills of a customer service representative, and the soul of a creative, I can't think of anyone who is better equipped to make [Client's Company] a household name."

- Former Colleague at Favor Delivery -

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